I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL WHO SUPPORTED THE Club and came along to make our show a great success financially and a very pleasurable day for all who attended.

The SGM approved the Constitution for the King Charles Spaniel Rescue & Welfare.

I have received a lot of lovely private messages along with numerous on Facebook which is very rewarding, as we drew the best entry of the year.

We have four shows planned for an exciting 2022, beginning with 26th February when we will hold a Open show at Elksley to also include BOAS testing (more information to follow)

We have two Championship shows one with in UKTD show also doing BOAS testing and the other at Baginton.

The final Open show we will have with in Darlington Championship show were there are also CCs on offer with our host club which means we are holding the shows in different parts of the country a new exciting venture for the Club.

At present we are promoting our Breed at Discover Dogs in London where I am sure photos will be appearing soon.

Thank you all again for your support in these difficult times makes it all worth it.


We have a wonderful entry of 111 from 78dogs for our Champ show on the 14th November 2021. Thank you all for your entries and please remember to bring your mugs for your tea and coffee.

We have these wonderful gifts donated by Jeannie Coupland there will be some as Specials and some to buy. Great Christmas gifts this is only a selection

As promised news from our committee meeting.

There will be Bacon Sandwiches and selection of Hot home made soup with roll & butter also assorted pies & peas and selection of sweets can be purchased at the show on arrival


We have extra specials donated from Jeannie Coupland and Trophies to keep from Caroline Gurtner.


There also will be a Raffle and a bring and buy stall.


The ring will be in the hall with marquee used as an extension to the side of the hall as we did at the last show.

You are welcome to bring your own gazebos and chairs if you want to.

Cups from Caroline




Press release from The Kennel Club link is below

122.21 KCSC press release (4)[6815]



AGM s 24th July 2021



To all members

I have been requested by the Kennel Club to remove the letter and petition, which I have done. It was reported to them by a member!

I am afraid there are some who do not agree with me keeping the membership informed and transparency which I said I would do when I took up the post of Secretary.

I was also informed that I had broken the CDPR

I have now been informed and I quote ” about GDPR… whoever thinks that a list of names counter mounts to data protection issues really needs to read the rules. A name without information against it is simply that… a name that multiple individuals are known by.





” It is unfortunate that Raoul Smith has chosen to make statements color:

that are misinformed, therefore misleading, over two matters which

are still subject to legal processes. It is therefore inappropriate for

any counter-statement to be made until such time as those are concluded.

As soon as that is the case a full statement will be issued. “



This post is in response to disappointing misinformation appearing in social media discussion groups and individuals’ Facebook timelines.

Regarding the role of the King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue and Welfare, its remit has been accepted by the solicitor acting as executor of the late benefactor. The Club Secretary wrote asking for clarification of the term “rescue” and the reply was that it could be interpreted as was deemed appropriate, whether for individual dogs, the breed as a whole or both.

The Constitution of the KCSC Rescue and Welfare was drawn up following a detailed discussion at a Committee meeting, with all those present contributing. Autonomy in decision-making was given to the Rescue and Welfare Officers as confidentially and prompt action could be needed at times. One aim of the Rescue and Welfare is:

“Ensure the future of the King Charles spaniel as breed, with particular attention to health, temperament and that the breed standard is fit for purpose, and act accordingly.”

Activities of the Rescue and Welfare can include:

“Contributing to funding medical research into health issues or future health issues that threaten the well-being of the King Charles Spaniel as a breed.”

The participation in the BOAS tests and financial contribution in order to ensure that the King Charles Spaniel is given priority in this Kennel Club approved testing and produce a report on the breed’s health is therefore compatible with the Constitution as drawn up by the Committee members.

Those who say they are planning to write in protest to this, in contrast, are working against the breeds interests and viability. It beggars believe that those with in the ancient breed are acting against it Members will be aware that breeding and registering King Charles Spaniels is already illegal in the Netherlands.

Currently, the world is gripped in a pandemic and the rescue package would be a vaccine. In order to produce that vaccine, research is going on. Research = Rescue.

The Kennel Club is contributing half of the overall cost of the BOAS testing and the king Charles Spaniel Club Rescue & Welfare the remaining £7000 cost. Thankfully, the R&W account is more than sufficient to cover this outlay, but should our account only have held £7000 we would have made this our priority. We may only have one chance to save our beloved breed. It behoves every King Charles Spaniel Club and every King Charles Spaniel owner to give their all in this.

A detailed report of Rescue and Welfare finances and activities is to be given at King Charles Spaniel Club AGMs.

In contrast, there is fund-raising being carried out by the “Two Club Breed Rescue” with no evidence of its use. Their Constitution states:

“The approved annual accounts shall be available to the Committees of the Northern King Charles Spaniel Club and the King Charles Spaniel Association and to other proper persons or organisations in the absolute discretion of the Rescue Committee.”

You, as members of the above breed clubs have no automatic right to accessing accounts. At the 2019 NKCSC AGM it was made clear that rescue matters did not have a place on the agenda.

This is a critical time for the King Charles spaniel as it is under attack from several European governments, in the UK Michael Gove is very much against brachycephalic breeds and, to date, only 31 King Charles Spaniels have been registered in 2020.

The Officers of the King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue and Welfare and several of the Club Committee are working to secure the future of the breed worldwide.

the year book information can be found here–kcs ybf



Dear Tamas Jakkel

In common with so many others the King Charles Spaniel Club in Great Britain has been horrified by
the actions of the Netherlands government and Raad van Beheer in regard to their stance on the
“short-muzzled breeds”, as they term them.

It is extremely disconcerting that they have acted as they have but it seems very clear that this is not
a story in isolation. The inference has already been commented on that the pressure groups which have
worked to achieve this state of affairs will look for further progress in undermining other breeds and, indeed,
undermine the whole being of “dogdom”.

This Club has already made representation to our national Kennel Club which, no doubt, will be in communication with involved parties in its own right. One of our concerns has been the arbitrary ruling over our breed, a British native breed, by foreign organizations without any consultation, or prior advice.

Whilst our breed is obviously our primary concern, as indicated above we are conscious of the impact on a
wider community and the need for us to all work together. To that end, this Club wishes to offer any assistance
that would improve the situation that has been created.

In the meantime, we have considered the option of a petition but concluded that would not produce sufficient
impact to be effective. Rather we have concluded that a paper storm of letters/e-mails to the government minister responsible for this situation would have a more forceful affect so we are encouraging everyone to contact

Carola Schouten, Deputy Prime Minister of Agriculture Nature and Food Quality.
There is a lot of truth in the old saying ” United we stand, divided we fall”.

It had been the intention to include Edwin Meyer Viol of Ras en Recht in receiving this message but have been unable to find an address for him. Could you be so kind as to forward him a copy, if you have that information?
Thank you.
We look forward to your response.

Below are the actions we are taking, this letter has gone to Our Dogs


Dear Editor

I would be grateful if you could print the letter below in your next publication.
It would be surprising if there is anyone in the dog world unaware of the happenings in the Netherlands.
The King Charles Spaniel Club is especially concerned given the breed is named as one of those targetted
by the Netherland Government and, no doubt, has that concern shared by those in the other breeds named.
The added concern for everyone must be the worry over whether this is the end of the road for the pressure
group(s) that have persuaded the Netherlands government to take such action. The likelihood is that it is not,
and any number of other breeds will be picked off under the guise of other “concerns”.

The King Charles Spaniel Club expressed its horror to our Kennel Club last week.
It has now written to the President of FCI and to “Ras en Recht” ( Breed and Law) to further demonstrate
those views and offer of any assistance possible.
These, however, are just small steps in what needs to be a major action to convince the Netherlands government it has
made a mistake.
It needs a universal effort ( and that does mean from around the world). To that end, the CKSC is encouraging all its members
and breed owners to contact the Netherlands government with a letter/ email.
It can be sent to ( who is the spokesperson for Animal Welfare (Pets) ) for the attention of Carola Schouten,
Deputy Prime Minister of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality.


Dear Minister
I am lead to believe that you are responsible for leading the government of the Netherlands
in its actions concerning ” short muzzled dogs”. I find it appalling that any government of a country
that is recognised for its social liberalism should be responsible for such draconian action against man’s best
friend at the behest of any pressure group, on unsubstatiated evidence.
You will be aware that you will be subject to ongoing pressure to continue your policy against other breeds,
on any number of prejudices. Equally it is a relevant fact that ongoing testing into breathing and anatomical
construction has established that there are significant differences between the breeds so an universal ruling is ill founded.
Further, it is suggested you should weigh the approbrium your action has aleady
unleashed and which would increase significantly.
You should also be aware that the situation has placed the Raad van Beheer at odds with the FCI in that it now
is in conflict with those international regulations
I would urge you to reconsider the policy you have adopted and remove the stigma it has generated.
I hope you do.
Yours Sincerely

Thereafter if everyone passes that on to as many others as possible, by whatever mediums are available, that hopefully
will produce a groundswell reaction to generate a reconsideration. The letter drafted will be posted on the KCSC website
for ease of reference, although many may to prefer to use their own words.
There is truth in the old saying ” United we stand, divided we fall”. Now is the time when unity in the dog world is needed
to the full.

Sorry to say that we have had to cancel the open show in June. Fees will be refunded as soon as possible.

New date for the AGM is Saturday 18th July


DEFRA has asked us to bring the following information to your attention: As the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill was agreed by Parliament and received Royal Assent, the UK left the European Union on 31st January 2020 and has now entered a transition period until 31st December 2020. During the transition period, to travel with your pet to the EU until the end of December, you can continue to use your Pet Passport. If you don’t have a current UK–issued EU Pet Passport, you will need to speak to your vet. More information is available here.

Coronavirus information from the Kennel Club The Kennel Club recommends that those with concerns about the Coronavirus follow guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation and follow government advice on travel. You may view details of our Privacy Policy, which includes information on how we use your data and your rights under the Data Protection Legislation by clicking this link. Any third party mentioned in this email has supplied their messaging to us to send on their behalf and does not hold your data. The sender of this email is: The Kennel Club Limited. Registered in England and Wales. Registrations number 8217778 Registered office. Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London W1J 8AB Information Commissioner’s Office Registration is Z7417293


Dear Secretary   We are now processing the amendment to the tail clause of the King Charles Spaniel Breed Standard. This will become effective from 1 February 2020 when the KC website will be updated and an announcement will be made in the February 2020 edition of the Kennel Club Journal. Yours sincerely Caroline Hallettt


If there is anyone who would like to help man the booth at Discover Dogs, can they please contact the secretary and say when they are available- Thank you


AGM notice is here–final-AGM-Notificatio2020-2 (2)

This questionnaire is about getting the scientific evidence Charlies are not subject to
the same breathing difficulties of other brachy breeds and should not be constrained
by that thinking.
We need as many as possible to respond to the questionnaire to move on to the next stage. This is for UK Based Dogs only

Ron Stewart



–We are looking to do a re run of the Champions book can anyone help with photos of these dogs

CH Rambler of Zubaida (1959) CH Lorna Doone of Finlow (1958) CH Blakesworth Crystal honey (1958) Ch Sandy ROY Colin (1960) C H Blueshadow Ricardo (1958) CH Milescroft Louise (1958) Ch Gypsey of Gay court (1959) CH Isabella of Homehurst ( 1954) Ch Little Sir John (1947) Ch Troubadour of Glazbert ( CH Miranda of Lavenderway ( 1950 ) CH Mary rose of St Lucia Ch Cordellia of Laverderway Ch Osbaston Jeanette of Breda Ch Joy of Vihurst (1946) CH Pernant of Paxina (1944) Ch Denverra Dainty Boy (1946) Ch Hunters Golden Pippin (1945) CH Blueshadow Romona (1943)


Caroline Gatheral. It is with great sadness that I need to let King Charles Spaniel lovers know that Caroline passed away early this morning in hospital. Caroline has not been well recently and has spent the last two years in both hospital and a local care home. I remember Caroline judging King Charles Spaniels many years ago where she awarded the CC to Helen Moffat’s Ch. Kilbarchans Wee Jamie and where Shealgh Waters pearl necklace broke, fortunately outside the ring, but they scattered down to the ground. What a noise! Caroline in true lady fashion carried on with her judging. She was one of the greatest dog ladies in the north, coming from a family steeped in dogs. As well as having and judging King Charles the family owned and showed Dachshunds and Dalmatians.

Judging Regulations and Code of Best Practice. This page is to be read in conjunction with the Kennel Club press release issued on 24 July 2019. Changes to regulations are noted in bold. Amended Regulation F10 Judging Judges at Kennel Club licensed shows must judge in accordance with Kennel Club Breed Standards and Show Regulations. In assessing dogs, judges must penalise any features or exaggerations which they consider would be detrimental to the soundness, health or well-being of the dog. Judges are also expected to act impartially, with integrity and to only judge on the merits of the dogs in competition and consider no other factors. Judges must maintain and abide by the highest standards in accordance with Kennel Club Rules and Regulations and appropriate Codes of Best Practice as published from time to time. Code of Best Practice for Judges – supporting statements – Chapter 1 Judges must reject any opportunity to take personal advantage of positions offered or bestowed upon them. N.B. judges may be paid fees, reimbursed for travel and receive food and accommodation. Grey areas There will always be ‘grey areas’ that may confuse judges. When faced with a dilemma ask yourself whether the situation, however innocent, projects an outward appearance of impropriety. A good rule of thumb is ‘if you have concerns about whether something is inappropriate, you probably should avoid the situation.’ Judges are often singled out for critical observation by others. Therefore, always keep in mind that perfectly innocent actions or statements can be misconstrued. This includes but is not restricted to participation in public forums and on social media. Actions that bring embarrassment to the Kennel Club, fellow judges or the canine world in general could be subject to disciplinary action which could affect future judging privileges. As a judge you will be invited to attend social functions such as club dinners where exhibitors will be present. Take care to avoid even the appearance of impropriety with anyone who might appear in your ring. You may occasionally find that you will have to tactfully change the subject or excuse yourself from a conversation that involves breeds or exhibitors whom you are likely to judge. All these aspects of avoiding the appearance of impropriety include taking part in any social media discussion. Judges must avoid social media discussion about dogs or breeds ahead of or after a judging appointment. Taking part in discussion on a breed or worse a particular dog or dogs ahead of or after a judging appointment is unacceptable and could lead to disciplinary action. Ahead of an appointment judges should always be circumspect in their interactions with potential exhibitors to avoid the perception of impropriety and/or bias. Exhibitors expect a level playing field and mixing socially with potential exhibitors should be avoided. Similarly, you must avoid travelling to shows with an exhibitor or accepting invitations to stay overnight with an exhibitor whose dogs you are likely to judge. With common sense, judges can easily avoid a situation which might raise ethical questions. Whenever you have a question about a judging procedure or conduct, consult the Kennel Club, which should be the first port of call to discuss questions concerning best practice as a judge. New and amended Regulations F(1)20 – Judges and Judging New sub-paragraphs and amendments to existing regulations e. A judge must not alter the ownership of a dog in order to allow that dog to be entered for exhibition at a show where that judge is officiating. f. Judges may not enter, exhibit, prepare a dog for exhibition or handle a dog in the ring at a Show at which they are officiating (vide F(1)29a(9)) p. A judge must request that a dog be withdrawn from competition if the judge has a conflict of interest with the dog and/or its owner. F(1)29 Disqualification and Forfeit of Awards a. A dog may be disqualified by the Board from any award, whether an objection has been lodged or not, if proven amongst other things to have been: (9) Entered or exhibited for competition, or handled in the ring by a Judge of dogs at that Show. (11) Registered or recorded as owned by the scheduled Judge or any member of his/her immediate household or immediate family within a period of twelve months prior to the Show. This shall not apply to dogs owned by a Judge appointed in an emergency. (12)Handled at a show, boarded or prepared for exhibition within the previous twelve months by the scheduled Judge or any member of his/her immediate household or immediate family. This shall not apply to a Judge appointed in an emergency. Code of Best Practice for Judges – supporting statements – Chapter 1 Definition of ‘member of immediate family’ extends to first and second generations. For example: a dog cannot be exhibited under a judge if it has been registered or recorded as owned by the judge or the judge’s spouse or child or anyone permanently residing with the judge within 12 months of the show. a dog cannot be exhibited if it has been handled at a show, boarded or prepared for exhibition by the scheduled judge or the judge’s spouse or child or any one permanently residing with the judge within 12 months of the show. F(1)8 Entry for Exhibition New sub paragraphs An entry must not be made at any show under a judge of any dog where said judge or any member of his/her immediate household or immediate family has been known to have owned, handled at a show, boarded or prepared such dog for exhibition within 12 months prior to the Show. This regulation shall not apply to judges appointed in an emergency. j. An entry must not be made at any show under a judge of any dog where said judge has bred the dog. This Regulation shall not apply to judges appointed in an emergency. k. An exhibitor must not enter or exhibit a dog under a judge which creates a conflict of interest between the dog, exhibitor and/or judge. Code of Best Practice for Judges – supporting statements Chapter 1 Judges start in the sport as breeders and exhibitors. It is natural to want to continue these activities after becoming a judge. Exhibiting and judging can be combined without a problem if the judge is prudent as to how and when to exhibit. If a judge chooses to exhibit as well as judge he/she should expect to be the subject of scrutiny. A judge should never transfer a dog to someone for the sole purpose of permitting the dog to be exhibited at shows at which you are officiating. A conflict of interest exists when a judge could be said to be influenced by any relationship or factor other than the merit or performance of the dog for example – **a family member, immediate household, financial considerations, employer or employee relationships, separate interest in a kennel name, co-owns a dog with the judge. (This is not a definitive list) In the event of a dog declared Best of Breed and having to be withdrawn from the Group competition due to a conflict of interest, the dog could be invited to do a lap of honour before the group judging starts. It is as much the responsibility of an exhibitor as it is a judge to as far as possible ensure that dog shows are seen to be competitions which are conducted on a level playing field. An exhibitor must decline to enter or exhibit under a judge where it might reasonably appear that the judges’ placings could be based on something other than the merits or performance of the dog. The responsibility for entering a dog rests with the exhibitor who should not enter a dog which is ineligible under KC Show Regulations or that the entry could create a conflict of interest between the judge and the exhibitor. Awards won maybe disqualified and exhibitors with repeat breaches of regulations may receive other disciplinary penalties.

At the moment we are applying to change the KC Breed standard to include short & kinked tails so we need your help with this. Traditionally the King Charles Spaniel was recognised as a “docked” breed – (tails were shortened very soon after birth). Since the Docking ban we are now seeing the variation in the tails of the King Charles Spaniel – from long to short, straight to kinked. We need to make sure all tails can be included in the KC King Charles Spaniel Breed Standard and so we are asking anyone, and everyone, who owns a King Charles Spaniel –show and pet –to send details of their dog’s tail- such as, if it has :- a) a long straight tail b) a long tail with kink c) a short straight tail d) a short tail with kink e) no tail ( bob tail) Please-this may seem a trivial request but it is of great importance as there is a very real threat to the breed if we are to be restricted to long straight tails only. Please help to preserve and protect this amazing historic breed. Please reply to me…ether PM or email …… by .24th OCTOBER 2019…………………….. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ABOUT KING CHARLES SPANIELS – NOT CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS.


I am updating the judges’ list. Can anyone who needs to be included or who has details to amnd, please let me know   Margaret

This post is to dispel potentially damaging rumours. —— It has been reported that Midland Counties King Charles Spaniel judge has been asked to withdraw from judging this year, subject to a complaint from a King Charles Spaniel Club I can emphatically state that this is not from the King Charles Spaniel Club .


“without prejudice”

The unexpected legacy bestowed on the King Charles Spaniel Club has created a rare opportunity to do a lot of good for the breed. The amount of money involved enables sums to be used for education and awareness raising among the dog world, veterinarians and the general public as well as ensuring individual King Charles Spaniels can be helped as the need arises. Currently the King Charles Spaniel is grouped with brachycephalic dog breeds so is under attack and the lack of understanding of tails with kinks shown by overseas judges requires urgent and effective action. More than one breeder has said that unless threats such as these are dealt with, the time will come when there are no King Charles Spaniels left to rescue.  The constitution of the King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue and Welfare makes its remit clear and this document will soon be available on the Club website.

 This statement is in the interest of transparency and to highlight the fact that the King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue and Welfare has been a work in progress for several months with every aspect of its proposed activities being carefully considered. It was not the original intention for the new Rescue and Welfare to operate in isolation from the ‘three breed club’ rescue team which has an existing network of representatives. However, there had been increasing concern at the lack of information from the previous KCSC representative (noted in several committee meeting minutes). Recent events and the current rescue situation have now made it apparent that it would be wise for the King Charles Spaniel Club and the newly-formed King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue and Welfare to disassociate itself from the ‘three breed club’ rescue. This includes declining the request to cover expenses for the current rescue. It should be noted that no document has been seen that uses the title ‘three breed rescue’. In the Kennel Club 2018 Dog Rescue Directory Mrs Healey- Gates, Mr R. Smith and Mr S. Smith are listed as representatives for King Charles Spaniel Rescue and Re-homing.

The following factors are amongst those taken into account when reaching the decision:

1)      The constitution of the King Charles Spaniel Rescue and Breed Rescue published in the current KCSC Year Book states that, “We are self-supporting” and at the time of the request the Breed Rescue bank account was in credit. In fact, donations from individuals covered a significant amount of the expenditure and the Breed Rescue had not disclosed the sum raised by donations made by people adopting rescue dogs. The Breed Rescue did not appear to be in immediate need in this case.

2)      There is evidence of numerous errors and omissions in paperwork for dogs collected to the extent that a solicitor has deemed the documents as having no legal validity. This could lead to repercussions for the Breed Rescue which the KCSC does not wish to be involved in.

3)      An example of the work of the Breed Rescue is that when a new owner took an adopted bitch for a health check, checking of the chip and medical examination showed the five year-old bitch was a seven year-old bitch. The wrong King Charles Spaniel had been delivered.  However, the new owner is extremely happy with the new family member.

4)      Lack of documentation required as stated in the Breed Rescue constitution resulted in unnecessary veterinary treatment for a King Charles Spaniel.  The money charged for this has been reimbursed to the breeder. A second breeder has been offered a refund but declined.

5)      There are allegations regarding the manner in which the individuals who surrendered their dogs were treated after the event. Regardless of the possible outcome or personal views, representatives of the Breed Rescue should have shown duty of care to individuals in distress.

6)      While confidentiality is essential in such cases, the secrecy in which the rescue was carried out meant those who would have liked to help in this particular case were prevented from doing so, with the result that the motives of the Breed Rescue representatives have come under suspicion, regardless of their intentions.  The leaking of KCSC Committee proceedings has also given rise to speculation that some individuals may have a vested interest in events rather than the dogs rescued or the good of the breed as a whole.

As the rescue situation is ongoing the King Charles Spaniel Club requests that there is no further discussion on social media.

The matter will be presented in full at the next King Charles Spaniel Club AGM. Please come along.

The Officers for the King Charles Spaniel Club Rescue and Welfare are:

Mr Rafael Salguero (Secretary)

Mrs Ruth Mochrie (Chair)

Mr Ron Stewart (Treasurer)


Will any person who is on our judges’ list who would like their names removed please contact me , also if anyone would like to be considered for our judges’ list please apply to me .

Can you please add this to our Bank details we now have a paypal account ——

King Charles Spaniel Club
March 2019

1 Attendance
2 Appointment of ballot Officer as per rule 7
3 Apologies for absence
4 Minutes of the 2018 AGM
5 Matters arising
6 Chairperson’s Report
7 Secretary’s Report
8 Treasurer’s Report
9 Results of the ballot for Officers and Committee
10 Appointment of Patron
Mr W Moffat Prop Mrs R Mockrie Sec Mr S Goodwin
Mrs Bruce Murray Prop Mrs A Pennington Sec Dr A Schemel
11 Amendment of Club Rules as per Rule 10
12 Proposed change to Rule 14a – Election of Officers and Committee
The current rule concerning the positions of Patron and Vice-
Presidents states : “Names of these positions are nominated by the
committee and put to the AGM for agreement”.
It is proposed that the rule be amended to allow any member to
make such nominations (suitable seconded), whenever a situation
demands such action, and it no longer be the purview of the
Prop Mr R Stewart Sec Miss A East

13 The intentions for the positions of Patron and Presidents to be
explained to the membership.
Prop Mr R Stewart Sec Mrs M Constable
14 Rescue and Welfare Report, including financial statement
15 The current operation of the three club Breed Rescue Service be
clarified in respect to :-
a) Its management and structure
b) Whether it has a recognised charitable status
c) What is its constitution
d) When and how that was ratified
e) What financial accounting procedures are in place
f) What is its modus operandi
g) What activity levels has it been called on for since its
h) What successes have been achieved
i) What has been learned from its operation
j) What are the plans for future development
Prop Mr R Stewart Sec R K Baker
16 Club Trophies report from Mrs J Coupland
17 Health Report
18 Tails the Kennel Club Breed Standard
Prop Mrs J Coupland Sec Mr S Goodwin
19 Election of Auditor
20 ANY OTHER BUSINESS (those of which in the opinion of the
Chairperson are urgent) Rule 6 (3)
21 Date of next AGM





  1. NAME

The name of the Club shall be “The King Charles Spaniel Club”.


The Club shall do all in its power to advance the interest and well-being of King Charles Spaniels and shall be a club for the benefit of its members.

a]   As the original Club for the breed, first registered in 1885, it shall do all in its power to advance and protect from exploitation or deviation, the interests of all King Charles Spaniels including by liaison and co-operation with other breed clubs formed for a like purpose.

b]   It shall promote the breeding and showing of King Charles Spaniels of true type as defined by the Breed Standard.

c]  It shall endeavour to ensure that the Breed Standard is used by judges and exhibitors and in all aspects of King Charles Spaniel activities.

d]  It shall encourage King Charles Spaniel members to interact in a mutual sharing of interests.

e]  It shall encourage owners and breeders to maintain a high standard and act in a responsible manner with regard to the welfare of the dogs under their control and to abide by the King Charles Spaniel Club’s guidelines for members-see Rules and Code of Ethics.

f]  The Club will not be classed as a trading business, so that all profits from any source, function and/or activity of the club, shall be maintained for the benefit of and for the future education of its members in management, training, showing, breeding and every aspect pertaining to canine activities.



a]    Members shall be nominated and seconded by fully paid up existing members and elected by the Committee; the election of that candidate shall be at the absolute discretion of the      Committee by open vote.

b]  The Committee may elect and confer Honorary membership as a mark of recognition for distinguished service to the Club or the breed. The abbreviation Hon. to be placed before their names on the list of Club members

c]     Each year the Secretary must maintain an up to date list a list of members and their details and ensure that this list of names  is made available for inspection if so requested by members of the Club or by the Kennel   Club with due regard to compliance with the Data Protection Act.

d]   All members elected to the King Charles Spaniel Club shall be expected to follow and abide by the Rules and the Code of Ethics as set down by the Club.




a]   Annual subscriptions shall be an amount as agreed by the committee and full members at the Annual General Meeting and notified to the Kennel Club. These fees are payable in full on application for membership of the Club.

b]   Subsequent annual subscriptions are due on the 1st January each year and paid no later than 31st January.

c]   Any member whose subscription remains unpaid after 31st January shall be considered to be lapsed and the committee has the authority to erase his/her name from the Club membership list.

d]   In this event the lapsed member shall lose entitlement to attend the Annual General Meeting, to receive voting papers, to enjoy any other privileges of the Club or to compete for any special prizes as offered to members.

e]   Lapsed members would be required to complete a new application to re-join the Club.

f]  However in exceptional circumstances, should the committee receive a satisfactory explanation for the lapse, the member/members may, at the discretion of the committee at a regular committee meeting and on full payment of the arrears occurred, be re-admitted to the membership of the Club.

g]  A person, up to their sixteenth birthday, may be elected as a Junior Member- the subscription payable at half the adult annual membership fee. Junior Members enjoy all the benefits of Club membership but excludes all voting rights.



a]       The management of the Club shall be in the hands of the President, four Vice Presidents, the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson,  the Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and a Committee consisting of twelve members. The Vice Chairperson and a Trophy Steward to be appointed from the current Committee members .

b]    Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of the Committee and as such shall have full voting rights. The Chairperson of any meeting will have the casting vote at that meeting.

The President, and Vice Presidents shall have no voting rights but may attend committee  meetings as an observer.

c]   If for any reason the number of Committee members falls below twelve the Committee may co-opt a member of 2 years membership to fill the vacancy until the next Annual General Meeting.

d]   The Committee shall have full power to co-opt any additional persons it deems necessary to assist for the benefit of the breed or the Club but such co-opted persons shall not have voting rights within the Committee.







a]  The positions of Patron, President and Vice Presidents are bestowed by the club upon persons who have worked and given their time to the interests of the Club or the breed in general. Names for these positions are nominated by the Committee and put to the AGM for agreement. These are honorary positions and shall be for the life of these persons unless an individual wishes to retire.

b] The positions of Chairperson, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer are elected by postal vote and are due for re-election every three years, each one standing down individually. They may offer themselves for re-election should they wish to do so without nomination.

c]  The Committee of twelve shall be elected by postal vote for a period of three years 4,4,4 standing down by rotation. They may offer themselves for re-election should they wish to do so without nomination.

e]   Nominations for Officers and Committee must be proposed and seconded in writing and accompanied by the written agreement of the candidate to serve the club if elected.

f]   Each candidate and each proposer and seconder must be a fully paid up member of the Club for a minimum of 2 years.

g]  Co-opted members stand for the year remaining and may stand for election the following year should they wish to do so. His/her proposer and seconder to have been fully paid up members of the Club for a minimum of 2 years.

h]   Nominations for Officers and Committee should reach the Secretary no later than 6 weeks before

i]   All such names shall be included in the ballot papers together with the names of Committee members wishing to re-stand and also a record of Committee members attendance for the previous year.

j]   Numbered Ballot Papers shall be sent by the Hon. Secretary by first class post, the voting papers shall be completed by the voting member (one ballot paper per member) and returned by post to reach the appointed scrutineer by the date indicated on the ballot paper. Ballot papers reaching the scrutineer after the date indicated will be classed as null and void. The result of the Ballot shall be returned to the Secretary in a sealed envelope and brought by him/her to be opened only at the Annual General Meeting.

k]  In the event of no ballot being required, nominated Officers and Committee Members shall be declared elected.

l]  No person whilst an undischarged bankrupt may serve on the Committee or hold any other office or appointment within a Kennel Club Registered Society.


Committee members must make themselves available to attend meetings and carry out duties at club shows or events organised by the Club. Any member of the Committee absent from three successive Committee meetings or who fails to carry out agreed duties at a show or any other event shall have his/her attention drawn to the fact and unless just cause can be shown to the Committee, such member’s seat on the Committee shall automatically be declared vacant.



a]    The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held  no later than 30th June  And notice of the date, time and venue shall be sent to members by second class post or email at least 10 weeks prior to the meeting, together with a request for nominations for Officers and Committee. The certified accounts will be made available on request to members fourteen days prior to the AGM

b]   The AGM will be held for the membership to receive the Committees report, to approve the Annual Accounts, to receive the results of the Postal Ballot, routine matters and to discuss any motion put forward by a member as per the following criteria -Rule 8 [c].

c]   Proposals for the agenda, signed by a proposer and seconder should be sent to the Secretary and should arrive no later than 6  weeks prior.

d]   No business shall be transacted at an A.G.M. unless notice thereof appears on the agenda with the exception of routine matters or those matters in the opinion of the Chairperson of the meeting are deemed urgent. These matters to be heard in A.O.B.

d]   At the commencement of an Annual General Meeting a Ballot Officer shall be appointed to record the results of all votes cast. Voting on all proposals shall be by a show of hands unless a secret ballot is deemed essential by the majority. The Ballot Officer will automatically forfeit their vote.

e]   Twenty five adult members to form a quorum at the Annual General Meeting.



a]    A Committee meeting shall be called as often as shall be deemed necessary by the Chairperson and  Secretary and Four Committee members and at least a Secretary and one more Officer to form a quorum.

b]     Fourteen clear days in writing sent by first class post or by email must be given to each Officer and Committee member of the agreed date and venue of such a Committee meeting along with the agenda and a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting.

c]    Minutes of the full record of all meetings to be kept. The preceding meeting’s minutes to be read and approved by vote at the commencement of all subsequent meetings.



a]  A Special General Meeting shall be summoned by the Hon. Secretary if twenty members sign a requisition stating the subject to be discussed and requesting a Special General Meeting for that purpose.

b]   The Committee of the Club is also empowered to call a Special General Meeting.

c]  Such requisition must state clearly the object for which the meeting is called.

d] The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting by sending a notice by first class post containing all relevant information concerning the meeting to all paid up members of the Club not later than twenty-one days before the date of the meeting.

e]  No other business other than that named in the notice shall be discussed or brought before a Special General Meeting.

f] A Special General Meeting must take place within one calendar month of such a requisition being received by the Secretary.

g] Twenty five adult members to form a quorum at a Special General Meeting.



Any member who shall be disqualified under Kennel Club Rule A11.j(5) and / or Kennel Club RuleA11.j.(5) shall ipso facto cease to be a member of the club.

a] If the conduct of any member shall, in the opinion of the Committee of the Club, be injurious or likely to be injurious to the character or the interests of the Club, the Committee of the Club may at a meeting, the notice convening, which includes as an object the consideration of the conduct of the member, determine that a Special General Meeting of the Club be called for the purpose of passing a resolution to expel the member.

b]   Notice of the Special General Meeting shall be sent to the accused member, giving particulars of the complaint and advising the place, date and hour of the meeting that he/she may attend and offer an explanation. If at that meeting, a resolution to expel is passed by two thirds majority of the members present and voting, then his/her name shall forthwith be erased from the list of members and he/she shall thereupon cease for all purposes to be a member of the Club except that he/she may, within two calendar months from the date of such a meeting, appeal to the Kennel Club upon and subject to such conditions as the Kennel Club impose.

If the Club expels any member for discreditable conduct in connection with dogs, dog shows or trials, the Club must report the matter in writing to the Kennel Club within seven days and supply any particulars required.


Notice and details of any proposed alterations or amendments to the rules must be put before the AGM or a Special General Meeting called for this purpose, the notice of which contains   specific proposals to  amend the rules and a vote resulting in a majority of the members attending to be gained before acceptance of the changes.

The Kennel Club to approve such changes before implementation.



The King Charles Spaniel  Rescue Fund  to consist of Chairperson, Secretary , Treasurer and 3 Trustees



14       FINANCE

All expenses properly incurred by the Secretary or Treasurer with  the consent of the committee for and behalf of the club shall be  defrayed out of the funds of the club alone and no individual shall be deemed to incur any responsibility in respect of the same.  The revenue of the club shall be paid  into a separate banking account from which withdrawal shall be made on the signature of any two of the following  three  Officers Chairperson Hon Secretary Hon Treasurer     No two members of the same household may be signatures on the same account.

A qualified accountant approved by the committee  shall audit the clubs annual statement of accounts or two unqualified individuals with accountancy skills. Those certifying the accounts must be independent of the committee.

The financial year shall be from the 1st January to the 31st December.

Reimbursements may be paid to such Officers as in the opinion of the committee are eligible for them .The committee may suggest names and amounts for such reimbursements  and the members at the AGM meeting shall have the power to confirm or amend  such recommendations.


  The Officers acknowledge that during the month of January each year Maintenance for Title fee will be forwarded to the Kennel Club by the Secretary for continuance of the 31st July each year other returns of AGM as stipulated in the Kennel Club Regulations for the Registration and Maintenance   of title of societies and breed councils  and the affiliation  of Agricultural Societies and Municipal Authorities be forwarded to   the Kennel Club The officers also acknowledge their duty to inform the Kennel Club of any changes of secretary of the club which may occur during the course of the year




The Offices and committee shall have the power to give special prizes and guarantee classes at such shows as deemed appropriated

All Challenge Cups and Trophies unless won outright are to be held at the winning members risk and must be returned to the named Cup Steward prior to or a the applicable show for which they are next on offer for i.e. the clubs Championship Show and the Open show  this applies only to U.K. Residents.

Any member who shall win a Cup or Trophy and wish to take possession of it must give a guarantee for its safety.


17          CLUB PROPERTY

The Club shall obtain written acknowledgement from donors of cups and trophies that they are given as an outright gift to the Club.

The property of the Club shall be vested in the Committee. In the event of the Club ceasing to exist for any just reason, a Special General Meeting shall be called for the winding up of the Club, the majority of the Members at which may decide upon the disposal of the assets of the Club after discharging all liabilities of the Club.

The Secretary or an appointed member shall furnish the Kennel Club with a final audited statement of accounts and record of the disposal of the Club’s assets within six months and the persons named as Officers and Committee of the Club on the last return furnished to the Kennel Club will be held responsible by the Kennel Club for the proper winding up of the Society.


18  The committee of the club have resolved that no committee member shall be involved from henceforth, in the administration of any social media site relating to King Charles Spaniels.


19 The Club shall not join any Federation of Societies or Clubs.