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I was sorry to hear of the death of the Secretary of the King Charles Spaniel Club, Miss. Margaret Mallows. A very brave, courageous lady who courageously bore her illness for many years. My sincere condolences to her family for their loss.

Alicia Pennington
Club President


Tribute to Margaret Mallows
The Secretary of the King Charles Spaniel Club,
Margaret Mallows passed away on Saturday 8th January in hospital following an emergency operation. She had been poorly for the last few weeks.

The dog world has lost yet another most knowledgable judge, first and foremost in Pekingese which Margaret had owned and exhibited for over 50 years and as a judge of many breeds in the toy group.

Her last toy group appointment was at the East of England Championship Show last year where she awarded the group to a stunning Chinese crested bitch puppy belonging to Robert Dunlop. It is perhaps poignant that this same bitch was awarded Best in Show at Boston Championship show today.

I have been a close friend of Margaret for over 40 years, and introduced her to the world of King Charles Spaniels. She loved, like myself, the wholecolours but in the early days preferred the rubies. Margaret bred one litter of Ruby King Charles Spaniels by one of my dogs, and kept four herself from the litter. She won a CC with one of the Ruby bitches, under Mrs. Rita Morgan, at Blackpool Championship show when the rain poured down and the show had to be cancelled the following two days. Margaret only recently lost the last of her home bred Ruby bitches.

Margaret was very well known as the Secretary of North of England Pekingese club for many years and served that club very well, always transporting the many Pekingese models to have on a stall at Crufts for the club and organising many shows or events.
I well remember the Peke shows where I stewarded and she organised a wonderful spread of food / buffet for everyone there to enjoy. She was so kind and generous.

Margaret was indeed a formidable, strong character who didn’t suffer fools gladly and always spoke her mind but was equally generous to her friends and the clubs she was involved in. When you talked to anyone at shows her generosity was well known in the North East of England.

Margaret was very fond of Joyce and Jack Mitchell ( Micklee Pekingese) and always organised a birthday party for Jack when he was was still alive. She would always prepare a wonderful buffet for his birthday that was held at Darlington Championship show.

When we travelled together to shows the first place we had to stop at was McDonalds, her favourite for breakfast and that was the last place we stopped at on the way home. While I was driving Margaret would be on the phone all the way home giving friends the results from the show.

Margaret accompanied me when I was judging Cavaliers in Australia and again when I judged King Charles Spaniels and Japanese Chins in Prague. From her time in Prague she struck up a friendship with a few exhibitors there and eventually brought in a Black & Tan dog to show. He became a Champion and she had her proudest moment in dog showing by winning the CC and B.O.B. at Crufts in 2019 with him.

Margaret loved life to the full, but particularly enjoyed taking her young nephew and nieces out at the weekend. One particular favourite place was Beamish Museum and the other was South Shields beach where the Charlies could run wild and her family could play. She was also extremely kind to a long time Pekingese exhibitor, Mrs. Bell, who Margaret would take out every week in her car to Car Boot sales.

In the last few years as Secretary of the King Charles Spaniel Club Margaret has been an very good Secretary on show days, was a stickler for the rules and I know she will leave a huge void in the world of dogs.

Rest in peace now, Margaret.

Lorraine Gillhespy  Chairman