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No photo description available.      At Our Show  we made £440 on the Charlie head raffle for Ukraine.
Gifts given to winners at Our July Championship show
Hand made by the very talented Jeannie Coupland. Each one has the individual win listed inside.
One for ………
Dog CC, Res Dog CC, Best Puppy Dog, Best Veteran Dog,
Bitch CC, Res Bitch CC, Best Puppy Bitch and Best Veteran Bitch
at the King Charles Spaniel Championship Show to be held 30 July 2022.


 The KCSC R&W provided the promised payment of £3000 to the KCCT ( Ukraine Appeal)

on Saturday, and also donated £2000 to the Czech KCS Klub to help fund immediate front line

support in that cause.”         Picture of presentation of cheque to  Olga Dolejšová, President of the Czeck KCS Klub

” Rescue and Welfare – Paper on Option of Charitable Status”

 The paper below on the subject of whether the R&W should seek Charitable Statusis provided for pre AGM reading. It will be a subject on the AGM agenda.Those who attended the AGMs on 24 July 2021 will recall it being distributed that day with a rider that it would for discuss in 2022.” to be followed by the paper.

Links to the paper are below





” Lorraine Gillhespy has resigned her position as Chairman of the Club
with immediate effect ( 13 January 2022)”


BOAS Testing.

Interest in taking part in the BOAS testing alongside the KCS Club Open Show at Elkesley on 26 February is gathering momentum. Also Testing  will take place at UK Toy Dog show

Please remember to contact Ron Stewart ( tel: 01724 712411, e-mail : r.stewart102@btinternet.com) to help planning.

Remember you do not have to be taking part in the show to help the testing programme.

Minimum age for dogs to be tested is 1 year.



” It is with much sadness that it has to be conveyed that Margaret Mallows

died following her surgery. It is too soon to advise any further but  once

more is known another notice will be posted.

In the short term it would be appropriate to bear in mind Margaret’s

industrious attitude and follow her belief that the show must go on.

We have a task on to honour her memory. “

Some of the Tributes to Margaret Mallows who sadly died on Saturday 8th January





At the time of this announcement ( Saturday 8 January 2022) Club Secretary,

Margaret Mallows, is undergoing urgent surgery. Knowing her it is unlikely that

she will be inclined to indulge in any extended recuperation and will want to get

back to her duties as soon as possible.

The immediate consequence is that the distribution of the annual Club cards

along with the Annual General Meeting correspondance will be issued as soon as possible although

as the AGM  for 7 May there will be sufficien time for nominations etc will not need to be submitted
until by 26 March.




The following two attachments about the SGM to be held on 14th November are being sent to every member.1

Notification of a SGM to be held on the 14th November 2021 with in Baginton Village Hall CV8 3AB at the Championship Show being held at this Venue



We do have some spare year books for sale if anyone would like to have a copy £12 plus postage

The year book information and form is on the  secretary’s notice board.


We are producing an update of the Champions book on UK Champions from 2007 up to the present date Can you please send a photo of your Champion you wish to be included.




This questionnaire is about getting the scientific evidence Charlies are not subject to
the same breathing difficulties of other brachy breeds and should not be constrained
by that thinking.
We need as many as possible to respond to the questionnaire to move on to the next stage. This is for UK Based Dogs only
Ron Stewart


Notice of AGM information and renewel of subs Click on link to see document
AGM Notice for website

King Charles Spaniel Club Yearbooks from 1992 for sale

Your chance to own our own piece of history with past yearbooks of the King Charles Spaniel Club all in mint condition–the years being 1992,1993,1995,1996,1997,,2000, 2001-2003. these are all black & white print, A only £1 + postage or can be collected at shows etc just Contact Margaret Mallows.

Another lot for the King Charles enthusiasts these are in colour this time again in mint condition. the years are 2005 -2006, 2006—2007,2007–2008, 2009–20010,2011–2012,2013–2014,20015–2016. These are £4 + Postage