The Northern King Charles Spaniel Club
Open Show 9th September 2018

I would like to thank this well run clubs committee for the chance of judging this show.

VD. (3.2) 1st Maddison’s Mitapip Mdnight Marauder B/T. 7years old and what a happy Chappy, he loved being in the ring. Good head with big nose super open nostrils. Well boned though out, deep chest, level top line. Active sound movement.

VB. (2.1) 1st. Baileys Maibee Margot at Aldorick. Blen. What a little darling, beautiful dark round eyes, well placed nose, good straight forequarters, good rib. Sound movement.

MPD. (2.1) 1st. Maddison’s Downsbank No Strings. Blen. A happy boy with pleasing broad head, good neck set into well laidback shoulders, well covered body with good coat in the making. Sound active movement. BPIS.

PD (3.1) Coupland’s Ambassador Boy Star of Tucherish ( imp Rus )Ruby. The makings of a good dog. Domed head, black nose set well between his dark round eyes. Wide muzzle with turn up. Well laided shoulders, round boned straight legs. Good top line, tail set, compact feet, glossy black with clear rich tan markings. Sound movement. Showed him self off well in this class but let his handler down when it came to the challenge for best puppy.
2nd Jackson’s Tovarich Tell Me Why. Well marked Tri. Another promising puppy, good head, dark eyes, well off for bone. Good coat in the making. Sound movement.

YD (1) 1st. Harvey’s Rivermoor Alberto. Very attractive Tri. Everything in proportion. Fills the eye with quality. Compacted and cobby. Domed skull, round dark eyes, well cushioned under the eyes, wide square muzzle with good turn up of lower jaw. Proud head carriage on arched neck leading in to well laid shoulders, good deep chest, short back with level top line. Good hindquarters with well let down defined hocks. In super silky straight, glossy black, clear bright tan markings on a clear pear white background , well feathered coat. Correct size. Easy free elegant sound movement. BIS.

ND (4.2) 1st Wadsworth’s . Downsbank Blow the Blues. Heavely marked Tri.
Small in size but well proportioned with good bone. Very happy and wanted to gallop every were . Long silky coat.

2nd. Leach’s Andre Albert Von Romano’s Z Corveneho Dvora ( imp CZE) well marked Tri. with good head, body with good bone, shame as today he was not having any of this showing lark today and was not going to move.

GD(2.1) Mallow’s Mitapip Luther Binglui B/T

PGD (5.2)1st. Rushton’s Justacharma He Is So Magic at Tiflin Blen. Masculine boy with good head , well placed eyes and nose but would like him more cushioned under the eye. Good neck, super bone, good length to height. Sounding temperament and movement.

2nd Tonner’s Headra’s Inspiration at Halbinsel. Tri. Very much a show boy. Good coat well turned out. Pleasing head and ears. A little shorter in neck than one. Sound good movement.

LD (5.2) 1st. Goodwin’s Diggle Dandelion JW Blen. Dark round eyes , good pigment. Level top line, well set tail. Lovely rich chestnut red one a pearly white background, silky and straight coat. Sound movement.

2nd. Hopkins. Rexlands Brimstone Tri. Good bone, sound movement.

OD (6.3) 1st. Smiths Justacharma Magic Is Here. Tri. Good shape to this boy with good bone. Good sound movement.

2nd. Maddison’s Celxo Charles Dickens ShCM Ruby. Two lovely dogs in this class and it was a close choice. A nice boy all over with good temperament and sound movement.

SOB&T/Ruby (4.1) 1st. Mallows X-Jewel Od Dvou Orechu Binglui ( Imp cze) B/T . RBD. A square cobby boy , good bone, rib, top line and tail set. Happy temperament, sound movement.

2nd Baileys Aldoricka Smokey Robinson. Over all a nice boy but didn’t have the bone of one and longer cast. Sound in temperament and movement.

SOBlen/ Tri. (2.1) 1st. Smiths Justacharma One So Magic. Tri. Pleasing head, good bone, top line, length to height. Nice markings with rich tan . Good temperament, sound movement.

MPB. (2) 1st. Potters Toywood Starlight Express. Tri. With good markings. Lovely head well domed and good turn up set off with rich tan. Well boned straight boned front. Good top line, sound movement.

2nd Baileys Toyswood Rising Star at Aldoricka. Tri. Not the temperament of one . Head with well placed eyes, nose and ears but not the turn up in lower jaw than one. Good front, top line and tail set. Sound movement

PB. (2) 1st. Stewart’s Marchog Minta Buckle. B/T. BPB. I loved this girl as she entered the ring, she was in super black shiny coat with rich tan markings. Straight front with good bone. Good head, neck, top line. Natural short tail. ( I personally like ) sound movement . Did not want to show when it came to the challenge.

2nd. Toywood Starlight Express.

JB (6.3) 1st. Coupland’s Mitapip Renaissance for Tucherish. B/T. Good head with well placed eyes, nose and ears. Rich tan markings. Good bone, neck, rib and well bodied. Level top line , good movement.

2nd Toyswood Starlight Express

YB (2.1) 1st. Abbott’s Cofton Reach For The Stars . Tri.Good head with good turn up, well placed ears, eyes and nose. Good rich tan markings. Good bone, neck, rib and top line. If she carried a little more weight it would finish her lovely shape. Good sound movement.

NB (4.2)1st. Portingale’s Jarcrianna Pirate Princes. B/T Well domed head, well placed ears, dark eyes. Good bone, rib, top line and tail set. Sound movement.

2nd. Wadsworth’s Lorphil Buried Treasure, Blen. A very nice bitch but was not going to do it to day so lost out on her temperament.

GB. (2) 1st. Potters Toywood Counting Stars.Tri. Good broad head with big nose placed well in between dark round eyes, well set ears. Good straight well boned front legs, good rib, tail set. Good height to length. Sound movement.

2nd. Portingales Jacrianna Simply Bewitched. B/T Good head, neck and then into well laid shoulders, level top line. Just was not doing the best for her self today

PG. (4.1) 1st. Coupland’s Winnie Od Dveu Orechu and Tucherish ( imp cze) B/T. RBBIS.
Lovely shiny black coat with rich tan markings. Pleasing head with well placed ears, nose and dark eyes. Good bone, rib and top line. Sound in temperament and movement.
2nd. Rushton’s Justacharma She Is So Magic at Tiflin. Blen. Good head with square muzzle, well turned up of lower jaw. A lovely girl all over very close up to one, with good temperament and sound movement.

OB (3) 1st. Jackson’s Ch. Amantra Truffle. Blen. BBIS. Lovely girl with broad head nose well placed in between her round dark eyes. Well placed ears. Good pigment . Her neck giving proud head carriage give a good out line standing and on the move. Laid back shoulders, straight front , good rib, top line and tail set. Happy and out going, sound movement.

2nd Harvey ‘s Rivermoor Lady Martha JW. Blen. Another lovely girl with good pigment, eyes, ears, neck and shoulders, level top line. Sound temperament and movement.

SOBlem/Tri. (4.2) 1st. Smiths Justacharma One More Magic. Tri. I did like the head better on the second placed girl in this class but my winner took first place because of her well bodied cobby body, with good bone, rib and level top line. Moved well but missed out on any higher place as was carrying a bit to much weight today.

2nd. Cofton Reach For The Stars

Judge Amanda Ellis


Darlington Championship Show 16 th September 2018
King Charles Spaniels Judge Mrs D M Bailey (Aldoricka)
I would like to thank the officers and committee for inviting me to judge at this well organised show
and for their excellent hospitality. Thanks also to my able stewards and to the exhibitors for their
overall quality entry.
VD (1-0)1 Ms H M & Dr G D Lunt’s Beechglen Gabriel. 10 year old tri with masculine head well
cushioned muzzle and dark eyes, cobby body, good bone, moved well for age keeping level topline.
MPD (3-0) 1 Miss C Melville’s Sarosota Chenin Blanc. Tri, loved his head and expression, good size,
short and cobby, moved well keeping level topline, outgoing temperament, should have a bright
future. 2 Miss S Maddison’s Downsbank No Strings. Blen, not as mature in body as no 1 but has a lot
to like about him, good domed skull, lovely expression with dark eyes and good pigment just needs
more time and to build his confidence in the ring. 3 Mrs A J Quartermain’s Downsbank Swing Time
PD (2-1) Mrs M E Kendall, Mrs I M Askins and Miss R Wileman’s Headra’s Mad Hatter. Blen, lovely
rich markings, good dome to head with nicely cushioned muzzle, good neck and bone, deep wide
chest, level topline steady on the move. BP.
JD No entries.
PGD (7-1) 1 Miss Harvey’s Rivermoor Alberto. Quality tri with excellent breed type, lovely head and
soft expression, dark eyes, good dome well set ears with long leathers, wide cushioned muzzle, good
short body with level topline, nice size presenting a lovely profile both standing and on the move,
with maturity he will be a strong challenger for top honours. 2 Miss V Cox’s Petitpaws Black Prince.
Blk/tan, well domed head, short stop with turned up nose and wide open nostrils, correct size with
good shaped body, sound on the move and coat in lovely condition. 3 Miss M C French and Mr B
Traynor’s Mitapip Elusive Ruby.
LD (6-1) 1 Miss C Melville’s Amantra Choral. This tri for me fits all the standard requirements of the
breed he has a classic head with correct dome, well cushioned under his dark eyes and a wide
square muzzle all contribute to his gentle but masculine expression. He has a short cobby body with
good deep chest, level topline and good bone, moved well both ways and shown in tip top condition.
DCC and BOB. 2 Mrs L M Gillhespy’s Lorphil Red River. Ruby, lovely rich colour, good rise to dome,
dark round eyes and well cushioned muzzle, good neck and shoulders, short body, good bone,
moved well. 3 Miss M Mallows’ X – jewel Od Dvou Orechu Binglui.
OD (7-2) 1 MR R G and Mrs K M Stewart’s CH Kasamanda Just A Dream For Marchog. Tri, well domed
head with low set well feathered ears, dark round eyes, good nose placement with open nostrils,
well cushioned muzzle resulting in a lovely soft expression, good cobby body moved elegantly
showing a good profile at all times. RDCC. 2 Mrs R Mochrie’s Downsbank Montgomery. Blen,
sound dog with good body, deep chest with good spring of rib, level topline, moves with
drive, short of coat today but definitely nothing to hide. 3 Mrs P Clarke’s Stonepit Super
Sidney For Poltonic.

VB (1-0) 1 Mr R W and Mrs C A Dix’s CH Paulian Prudence for Beewye JW. Tri, feminine head
with good dome and dark eyes, well cushioned muzzle, correct size and shape, in superb
condition for a veteran credit to owners, moved effortlessly round the ring. BV.
MPB (3-1) 1 Mrs R Mochrie’s Downsbank Sweet Charity. Blen, very pretty feminine puppy,
lovely domed skull, good pigment, good neck and shoulders, short body with good bone,
rich coloured markings. 2 Mrs C Bowles-Robinson’s Baldragon Bling It On. Tri, cobby body
with good bone, deep wide chest, level topline, good strong hind-quarters unfortunately not
co-operating with her owner in this class but was more settled in the next.
PB (2-1) 1 Mrs C Bowles-Robinson’s Baldragon Bling It On.
JB (1-0) 1 Mrs M Constable’s Mitapip High Hopes Holly. BLK/Tan, pretty feminine head with
good nose placement and shallow stop, good size and shape with a lovely black shiny coat,
moved well.
PGB (4-1 )1 Mrs C Bowles-Robinson’s Baldragon Hold That Thought. Blen, fabulous head,
stands square with good front, correct amount of bone, well laid shoulders, level topline,
moved out with drive. 2 Mrs S C Singleton’s Celxo Absolutely Beautiful. Pretty tri with good
dome and cushioning to muzzle, lovely size with compact body, good neck and shoulders,
moved well. 3 Miss V Cox’s Petitpaws Black Pearl.
LB (5-2) 1 Miss V Harvey’s Rivermoor Lady Martha JW. Blen that I have admired from the
ringside, cobby body with strong bone, good straight front and strong hind-quarters, level
topline, lovely feminine head with dense pigment, moved with drive and purpose. RBCC. 2
Mrs R Mochrie’s Downsbank Tiger Lilley. Pretty feminine tri with well domed head and good
rise to skull, good overall shape and size, level topline, not moving quite as well today but
her overall quality was sufficient for me to award her this place. 3 Mrs S C Singleton’s Celxo
Enchantress Morgana.
OB (7-1) 1 Miss K F Miller and Mr E L Ryan’s Clussexx Reign It In Cavillibrook (Imp USA). Tri,
outstanding bitch loved her as soon as she entered the ring, short and cobby with level
topline standing and on the move, good neck and shoulders, deep wide chest, good bone,
text book head, moved elegantly and soundly round the ring driving from behind, a joy o
watch. BCC. 2 Mrs C Bowles-Robinson’s CH Baldragon She Demands JW. Tri aptly named as
she certainly demands attention, fabulous head with dark eyes and black pigment, arched
neck into well laid shoulders, cobby body with level topline, soundly made and moved
accordingly. 3 Mr I Wiley and Miss C Siddle’s CH Penemma Misty For Me JW.