The King Charles Spaniel Club Committee


Officers and Committee

President Mrs B Essex

 Vice Presidents

 Miss A East

Chairman Dr A Schemel

Hon Secretary Mrs M Constable

Hon Treasurer Mr R Stewart

Committee Mesdames   P Clarke, S Dawes,  K  Greenfield,V Harvey, S Leach,S Maddison, J Matches

                Messrs N Robinson, R Salguero,

 Contact info

  Chairman  Dr Andreas  Schemel

Tel  01273 600375


  Secretary Mrs Mary  Constable

Tel 01904 448033  or  07825627260


Treasurer Mr Ron Stewart

Tel    01724 712411


Club Website  Sarah Maddison 0191 5490294


Dog Paper Correspondent

Our Dogs Mea Kendal  07973539478

E mail


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